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All Weather Pitch Maintenance

All artificial playing surfaces need regular maintenance


3G playing surfaces

Hard wearing maybe, but not maintenance free!

It is not correct to assume that because the grass is made of synthetic fibres that it will not benefit from regular maintenance. In fact it has been proved that regular maintenance of the carpet can prolong its life by up to 5 years and this is in addition to the obvious health and safety benefits of maintaining a clean and non slip surface.

A regular maintenance regime for a 3G grass pitch should include:
  • Brushing :  Every 2 weeks – to redistribute the fill (sand or rubber) evenly over the surface. [video]
  • Deep clean : Twice a year - the sand or rubber is vacuumed out of the pile, put through a sieve and returned clean to the surface. This can really only be done in dry weather but is important in ensuring there is no build up of detritus in the pile.
Additional specialist services that we offer:
  • Extreme clean : a series of counter rotating brushes (as in an electric tooth brush) that will remove any build up of muck on the leaf returning it to the pile where it will be picked up by the deep cleaner [video] ( particularly useful when there is a build up of organic matter on the leaves)
  • Debris removal : This will remove detritus from the surface in conditions that are too wet for the deep cleaner to operate effectively ( eg leaves moss etc)
  • Topping up : with sand or rubber (link). This is a vital part of the maintenance service. If the infill is allowed to get too low then the leaf will fall over and wear will take place on the side of the leaf rather than the top thus considerably reducing the life of the carpet.
  • Carpet repair : We have the tools and the experience to carry out repairs to all kinds of carpet.
  • Carpet replacement : We can remove and dispose of the worn out carpet, laser level the surface and install the new carpet


All other artificial surfaces 

Need regular attention to keep them in the best condition. Some of the specialised services we can offer:

  • Fungicide spraying to deal with moss
  • surface repair with liquid rubber or tarmac ( a stitch in time!)
  • fencing repairs
  • regular sweeping


Tailored solutions and customised care plans

Our pitchcare specialist can visit your site and recommend if any remedial work is needed to ensure that the surface remains playable for as long as possible and put together a care plan to ensure the surface remains hygienic and safe to use.

We offer an annual maintenance package involving any or all of the above or a one off treatment as required by the client.

We carried out work on all weather surfaces at these facilities:

♦ Hurstpierpoint College ♦ Buckswood School ♦ Judd School ♦ Trust Thamesmead ♦ Loxford School ♦ Brunel University ♦ Lancing College ♦ Christs Hospital School and many other surfaces across the South East.


We have our own experienced maintenance teams who can help you with the following as part of a Maintenance Package or as a one-off maintenance service.


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"Bourne Amenity has supplied their cricket loam to us in water-proof, lined tonne bags for the past seven years. Not only is the quality of loam consistently high, but their tonne bag delivery service and hiab offload offers the flexibility that makes my job a lot easier."
Chris Boniface, cricket pitch contractor
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