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We can offer a complete maintenance service for natural or artificial surfaces 

From cricket squares to bowling greens we know how to get the best out of your playing surface

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Cricket Pitch Maintenance

Cricket squares need considerable attention at the end of the playing season to ensure vigorous grass growth and good consistent ball bounce for the following summer.

We specialise in working with medium sized clubs on limited budgets who want to combine an element of voluntary club member involvement with our provision of specialist services and products.

We manufacture and market our own range of clay loam dressings and supply tailormade Barenbrug seed blends.

Specialist End of Season renovation services

  • Scarifiying to remove any build up of thatch which will compromise ball bounce
  • Top dressing to ensure a level surface and a cosy home for the seed
  • Overseeding and Fertilising to promote healthy grass growth for the remainder of the growing season and to renew worn out areas
  • Weed and worm control as and when required
  • Spiking to introduce oxygen to the grass roots. This can be done along with the other renovation activity with a pedestrian spiker as soon as the season finishes, but we would recommned that the work is carried out at the end of the year when the new grass has germinated but importantly when the pitch has had enough rain to ensure that the spike penetrates at least 75mm into the surface.  This can only be done with a compact tractor and a verti drainer with pencil tines to ensure good surface penetration. A video of this can be found on our youtube channel.


We have our own experienced maintenance teams who can help you with the following as part of a Maintenance Package or as a one-off maintenance service.


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"A combination of the efforts of our own grounds man and Rootzone acquired from Bourne Amenity has seen a year on year improvement to growth and drainage on 14 football pitches. The annual pitch renovation using a consistent mix of rootzone, delivered at different locations on scheduled days has enabled us to undertake this activity with ease."
Dave Foot, Operations Manager, Crowborough Borough Council
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