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We operate our won fleet of various sized tipper trucks, some equipped with grab and crane off load facilities

From single bulk bags to loose artics loads, we can deliver 

Bulk Bag deliveries into the most challenging of sites

Our partnership with Barenburg offers us access to the one of worlds premier seed houses


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Fertiliser & Weedkillers

A budget range of fertilisers and weed killers

We stock a basic range to meet everyday requirements and to complement our sale of rootzones and our own contracting activities

Granular Fertilisers:

  • 20:10:10 Spring Summer Fertilizer (25kg sack)– for outfields and sports grounds – application: 20-50g per m²
  • 11:5:5 + Fe Spring/Summer Mini Granular Fertilizer (20kg sack) – for both fine and outfield turf – application: 35g per m²
  • 46:0:0 Soluble Slow Release (20kg sack) – For liquid application to outfields and sports grounds – application: 30-40g per m²
  • 4:0:4 + Fe Moss Killer Pro (25kg sack) – for both fine and outfield turf
  • 3:12:12  Autumn lawn feed (25kg sack) - for autumn application to fine turf


  • Mircam Plus (10 ltr. can) – Selective weed control for turf. Controls most broad leaved weeds incuding thistle and docks but not plaintain- application rate: 6lt per ha (water volume of 200 lt per ha)
  • Cabadex (5 ltr. can) – Selective Herbicide. Safe and efficient for young turf – application rate: 2 lt per ha (min. water volume of 200 lt per ha)
  • Gallup Amenity (5 ltr. can) – Glyphosate complete vegetation destroyer. – application rate: 5lt per ha (water volume of 200 lt per ha)
  • Qualgex (5lt. can) – Hard surface moss, lichen and algae killer,  – application rate: 5lt per 500m² (water volume of 100lt per 500m²)
  • Systemic (5ltr. can) - for worm control on amenity turf - application rate: 4ltr per ha (water volume 500ltr per ha)

The above are the products we keep in stock. Other products are available on request.


We have our own experienced maintenance teams who can help you with the following as part of a Maintenance Package or as a one-off maintenance service.

"We have purchased a few hundred tonne of premium rootzone from Bourne Amenity over the past couple of years and their consistency of product and level of service leaves me with no hesitation when ordering again for this year"
Steve Curley, Grounds Manager, Stowe School
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