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Goal Mouth Renovations

The majority of wear on a football pitch occurs in the goal mouths

Simply topping up the concave goal mouths with loam or rootzone and re-seeding is never that effective because the roots of the grass will not penetrate into the compacted surface. After the first match the players will have ripped out the young shoots and back to square one.

In response to this problem, Bourne Amenity have developed a specialised loam product and service to provide a more long term solution.

Firstly, the whole goal mouth area is rotovated to a depth of 150mm. We then add TS3 plus to build up the area to the correct level. TS3 plus is a mix of 75% clay loam and 25% green compost. The clay loam gives the rootzone the strength that it needs to combat the wear and the green compost encourages healthy plant growth. Finally, the area is levelled and seeded with our Bourne Amenity Football/Rugby Grass seed; the roots of which willl be able to penetrate up to 150mm into the rootzone.

This process gives strength to the rootzone which, when combined with a durable ryegrass mix, will give the goal mouth the best chance of surviving the season.


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"We have been using Bourne Amenity for all our bulk product requirements; sands and rootzones, top-soils, pathway materials etc for over 20 years. Their combined knowledge within the Amenity/Horticulture and Agricultural sectors with regard to product knowledge and technical support is second to none and being a family-run business, continuity with regard to customer relations and ongoing communication with people you know and trust is a key asset. This is especially so now, with the current penchant for call centres and lack of “the personal touch”."
Mike Mosse, Head Greenkeeper, Dale Hill Golf Club
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