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Hollow Coring

The punching of holes with hollow tines removes the soil core in order to replace it with sand to improve the soil structure.

This is a similar activity to vertidraining using the same machines but fitted with hollow rather than solid tines. This activity is considerably more expensive because of the need to sweep up the cores and sweep in the sand, but can be particularly useful in getting rid of thatch in fine turf. The build up of thatch is a major problem as not only does it soften up the surface but it will hold water like a sponge, discouraging deep root growth and leading to greater risk of turf grass disease.

Usually reserved for golf greens, and other fine turf surfaces, hollow coring looks like a highly invasive procedure, but carried out in the right conditions with the correct equipment it allows soil areation and enables deeper rooting for fine fescues and bent grasses providing a smoother and more consistent grass surface.

We have a range of predominantly Charterhouse equipment of different widths and tine sizes mounted on tractors up to 100hp equipped with sports tyres to ensure minimal surface imprint.

We can design a hollow-coring treament for your playing surface that can combat the problems associated with compaction and thatch. Using our own testing facilities and USGA sands helps us to ensure the "fill" material is compatible with your exisiting soil profile.



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