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Rugby Pitch Maintenance

"Rugby pitches take constant abuse throughout the course of a season---"

Playing on waterlogged rugby pitches can do serious damage to the turf leading to increasingly unplayable surfaces affecting the quality of play, and leading to the possibility of cancellations with their associated financial repercussions.

The challenge of maintaining a surface that may lack a primary drainage system is a great one, but with the correct maintenance treatments and good quality materials it is possible to keep your natural surface in playable condition throughout the season, no matter what mother nature chooses to throw at you.

As well as good pitch drainage it is also important to have a regular in-season maintenance plan to keep the rugby pitch under close inspection so that problems can be indentified and tackled early.

Where Bourne's come in...

Bourne Amenity offer a range of end-of-season and in-season maintenance treatments, which can be either built into a contract over a five year period or supplied on a one off basis, whichever suits you best.

Improving the playability of a surface and keeping cancellations to a minimum is a gradual process. We will assess the performance of the existing pitch and offer the most suitable treatment to suit your budget.

Manufacturing our own pitch dressings products gives us an advantage not only in keeping costs down but in allowing us to tailor material blends to suit each individual situation.

We carry out maintenance packages for the following rugby clubs amongst many others

♦ Crowborough RFC ♦ Cranbrook RFC ♦ Charlton Park RFC


We have our own experienced maintenance teams who can help you with the following as part of a Maintenance Package or as a one-off maintenance service.


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