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We operate our won fleet of various sized tipper trucks, some equipped with grab and crane off load facilities

From single bulk bags to loose artics loads, we can deliver 

Bulk Bag deliveries into the most challenging of sites

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Soil Improvers

Soil improvers to enhance your rootzone

Existing soils can be radically enhanced by introducing soil improvers and in these days of high transport costs it is always better first to consider how the soil may be improved as an alternative to removing it and replace it with fresh soil.

Products to increase organic matter and nutrition:

  • Green Compost: This can be applied as a light dressing to turf and repeated for 2 to 3 years will rapidly lead to an improvement in the vigour and colour of the grass   You can download the full BS1 PAS100 guidelines on the WRAP website.
  • Composted manure: When incorporated at the construction stage of any process will leave a lasting legacy of healthy and vigorous grass

Products to improve drainage and water retention:

  • Gypsum: Applied as a light dressing to turf will flocculate the clay, separating the tiny clay particles and facilitating drainage.
  • Lime: to bring pH up to appropriate levels
  • Silica sand: Washed to remove the naturally occuring silt and clay the regular application of rounded silica sand will increase the proportion of sand in the soil structure thus speeding the passage of water.
  • Peat: In light sandy soils peat can be added to enhance water retention and delay the drying out process

We can supply any of these products in small bags, big bags and loose tipper loads and we can apply them to the surface if required (see Turf Maintenance Packages)


We have our own experienced maintenance teams who can help you with the following as part of a Maintenance Package or as a one-off maintenance service.

"Bourne Amenity supplied the rootzone to level off our cricket ground and we are extremely happy with the results. As well as a good, free-draining product, they were flexible with deliveries and always attentive on the phone."
Stuart Webber, Head Groundsman, Whitgift School
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