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Verti Draining & Spiking

The purpose of verti draining and spiking is to allow oxygen into the root system and to provide a conduit for surface water to the drains.

Even if an existing drainage sytem is not present, there will still be considerable benefit in the opening up and de-compacting of the soil structure to allow oxygen in to feed the roots.

We have a range of mainly Charterhouse equipment of different widths and tine sizes to adapt to all pitch sizes; all mounted on various tractors up to 100hp and all utilising specialist sports tyres to tip toe accross the playing surface.

For post season maintenance on rugby pitches it is advisable to use as large tines as possible penetrating as deep as possible into the surface (always being careful to establish the depth of any piped drainage or other services). For post season maintenance on fine turf, only pencil tines should be used to ensure minimal disturbance to the surface.

As with many turf maintenance activities, ground conditions at the time are the key to achieving the optimal benefit. Clay soils can bake hard and prevent tines from entering the ground. Machinery manufacturers specifications for depth of tine penetration are worth little if the ground is too hard to receive the tine (and considerable damage can be done to the machine). On fine turf surfaces the surface can be prepared by extensive watering to soften up the ground before our arrival. Tines can wear out very fast and are an expensive consumable.

Diagram showing verti draining benefits

Holes are punched into the pitch surface at depths up to 150mm for 25mm width of tine, down to 75mm depth on fine turf with pencil tines. A roller then follows behind to smooth the surface and make it playable

Our consultation service (Pitch Perfect) will help to establish the appropriate machine for your application.



We have our own experienced maintenance teams who can help you with the following as part of a Maintenance Package or as a one-off maintenance service.


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